New business and servicing, improved

From product innovation to onboarding, Unqork simplifies your operations and customer acquisition.

End-to-end digitization

1 Product Configuration

Business is free to experiment with new products and account opening flows.

Unqork Fulfillment Builder is a no-code configuration platform that attaches business and underwriting rules to pre-built forms.

Get new products to market in weeks, not months.

2 Sales & Account Opening

Unqork takes product “orders” from any acquisition channel: brokers, independent agents, institutions, banks, start-ups.

We also love paper - no problem with better-than-human machine transcription.

Unqork Express is our market-leading eApplication, providing illustration, quoting, KYC/AML, applications, and payments rendered based on product rules.

3 Processing & Enhancement

Unqork can call (via API) or configure your business rules to capture customer data.

Smart data integrations automatically fill in gaps. We connect with CRM, internal or third-party data sources.

The Unqork service desk catches and resolves errors.

4 Fulfillment

Unqork delivers clean, standardized data.

Accounts opened and policies issued in record time.

5 Optimization & Servicing

Data analytics and machine learning show you what's working.

Unqork versions all applications, allowing for continuous improvements with traceability.

Centralized data simplifies ongoing service.

Product Configuration

You make the rules, Unqork executes them

Our modular, code-free product design platform makes it easy to configure your product and validate application data

No-code product configuration

Configure your rules using simple spreadsheets and our drag and drop interface

Modular forms library

Pick from our pre-built forms and attach your rules to them

Sales channel agnostic

Unqork then fulfills any of your product orders from any channel including our e-Application.

Standardized output

And delivers a clean application with the same format, no matter the source

Errors resolved, seamlessly

The Unqork service desk quickly resolves discrepancies

Sales & Account Opening

Clean insurance applications and account opening, every time

Intuitive UI stops errors “at the glass”

Prevent errors from hitting your operations team and backend systems by stopping them at the point of sale on the agent or customer device

Better-than-human machine transcription

For those pesky legacy paper forms, we use a combination of machine data extraction (that is over 80% accurate for handwritten forms) and humans in our on-shore processing center

Concierge NIGO/Error resolution

Not-in-good-order applications (NIGO) and errors got you down? Let us take over the entire operation and we will provide an end-to-end digitized, error-free onboarding experience

Intuitive Interfaces For Everyone

Designed for users to streamline the most complex sales and servicing tasks.

Product Development

No programming required: Businesspeople create new products and account opening flows in our no-code, drag-and-drop environment.

Ready to see more? Contact us and we’ll show you what Unqork can do for your business.